Born in Lithuania, then later moved to Sweden where he now resides! He speaks 3 languages (Lithuanian, Swedish and English) He started of by rapping in his own language first but wasn’t really feeling like it was his thing, so then he began rapping in English and evolved bit by bit and now it most certainly is his thing! When asked about his music he stated: “I do this because I have a story to tell!” So abit about his story…

SOULNIX – comes from 2 things. Soul that goes all in all out for the music; and Nix stands for a name Nijole, after his grandmother that raised him when his parents left him alone in Lithuania and went off to Sweden without no extra someone to take care of him. His grandma then became more than a mother for him, a true real mentor in his life! She passed recently from cancer. He used to call her nix sometimes so thus the name, Soulnix.

His main inspirations in music come from all sorts of genres, mainly by country, rock, hip hop and house and a little blues he is still all about that new school rap, which he is a current artist and influencer of!