Let’s talk about American exceptionalism

AKA the lil boilin’ pot that stirred me up good

Nowadays many people want to form a homogonized form of what we all should believe. However it is our differences, our diversity, which has always made this country so amazing. Our differences, our disagreements, should be celebrated. Tough conversation fuels growth, let’s not shy away from it. I’ve noticed the more people try to “fix” the world the more we seem to destroy it, and the more we aim to fix ourselves the more we fix the world. There is no need to police each other on the stupid things we may think or say. There is a need to challenge ourselves to interact and try to understand perspectives other than our own. For despite culture, religion, colour, gender, or what have you, the majority of our countrymen are still striving for the best and that has always been one of the things that makes this country so great. And we don’t need to see nor coincide with their steps to understand they are still our brother or sister despite our differences. An eye must do what an eye must do, just as a toe must do what a toe must do. There is no lesser part to Our body. Each is needed to do their part. So even though the left arm cannot see what the right arm does and vice versa, know that at the end of the day they are still connected to the same body, so let Us grasp to that. And keep faith in our fellow humankind.

Thank you for our misunderstandings.

Thank you for our disagreements.

Thank you for our differences.

Thank you for our mixed up miraculous country.

Thank you for being you; unrelentingly so.

Dear Light of the world,

A personal relationship with God is more important than defining your religion. Remember, religious people killed Jesus…But to live in Him is to transform. Christ calls Us to transform to live in His way, to die to our old self, so that we may stay true to Our true identity as Children of the Most High. For it is not what we do that defines Us, but who we are as His people that His Spirit flows out of Us in what we do.

“–the kind of power only those in relationship with Him possess. So when the test comes in Babylon, people without a true identity in Christ will not be able to stand with courage.”

So run towards the fire and do not blend into the changing identity of the world, which is always having an identity crisis with itself, but go into the world and transform the world around you by staying true to your identity in Christ. The world grows dark not because darkness is stronger than Light, Light always overcomes darkness, but because the Light is afraid to shine. You are the Light! Testify to His glory in all you do, whether amongst wolves or sheep. The lions wish to devour you, but they cannot devour whom walks with Him. Selah!

There were both democrats and republicans that stood with Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He was a unifying force whom despite all odds against him, and through sheer steadfastness, hope, and miraculous grace led his people to the promised land akin to Moses. He took up his cross and struggled it up the mount. The legacy of MLK was a success! The road to victory is never-ending on this Earth so I pose these questions to Us –

What is the next mount we must journey up?
And how do we venture out for more while also not losing what we have gained?

One of our founding fathers Thomas Paine, is too seldom talked about, especially given how crucial and monumental he was in regards to the American Revolution and the the founding principles that many “patriots” of today try to disregard. From “Common Sense” to his other writings, public work, and great influence on the other colossal figureheads in American history from Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Edison to Abraham Lincoln, who all drew heavily from his character and work, there can be no downplaying to how critical he was to helping steer America in the right direction from the very beginning of her conception.

However, when Paine started talking that slavery abolition talk and became highly critical of congress, even he was deemed as “un-american.” And his strong rebellious rhetoric has seemed to fall to the wayside whenever “leaders” coin what it is to be an American. Stay alert and vigilant, again and again throughout history, when terms like “Americanism or un-americanism or anti-americanism” are being utilized they have historically always been the marking of strong divisiveness to illuminate an us vs them mentality. It is to stand high and above on a horse in the heavens and pronounce, “My beliefs have infallible righteousness in what it means to be an American, and those that disagree are the outsiders who we need to silence, eliminate, or indoctrinate.” This is the homogenizing tyranny of psychological warfare to impede our individualism and separating our mentality in groups by tribalism.

Paine and the other forefathers believed that our rights stem from God, not from our government, and that government is a “necessary evil” due to natural evil inside of man so that we may have a civil and benevolent society as we grow. The moment the government infringes on those rights is when we must wholeheartedly take our liberty back. So dear reader I conclude in emploring you this, individualistic self-reliance and diversity are one of the same sword, and it is here where we slice through the coercion of thought police and tribalism, to fight freely in plurality of unity…

We cannot take away the right to offend anyone without taking away freedom of thought.
Furthermore, giving away freedom for a right is like buying your own mouth whilest selling your tongue. No other person, group, or document, or rights determine my freedom. “I exist. And that’s it.”
Also, group identity being paramount over individual identity is the authoritarian ideological method that drove great human suffering and tragedy such as countless people murdered in Maoist China.

“Spoken truth is the countervailing force to tyranny.” We face the battle of hell and heaven within the confines of our minds everyday. By being fully honest with ourselves and speaking our truth we face the risk of offending, we face the risk of losing a job, we face the risk of losing friends; but the alternative of not being truthful is always far worse, it can cause us to lose our selfs and can place our mind in that confine of hell and there many get lost and can no longer see themselves, and because they can’t see themselves any longer they can not find their way out of this hell.

And no matter what point you are at, things can always be worse. So in this take refuge and gratefulness. Everyone is a victim. Life is suffering. What will you do in the face of suffering?

Express yourself. If you feel something, speak up n say that shit. We all take our backlash for expressing our feelings and opinions, but let’s not let our fear hold us back from showing who we are. We are not robots locked into black n white choices devoid of emotion. Accepting others’ feelings in understanding despite difference from your own is a courageous beauty. And allowing oneself to be vulnerable with others is an honesty that’s so fuckin hot 💞

Last night I died in my nightmare…(funny enough listening to “Everyone Dies In Their Nightmares” by XXXTENTACION)

I woke up this morning angry, confused, and afraid in a far more overwhelming way than any dream death I’ve experience before. As a frozen flame, one of my morning prayers was this:
“Can the Lord shed this great fear of mine – Have I ruined myself with drugs completely forever? I can’t even feel if I’m experiencing a spiritual death or not…”
These thoughts actually stemmed from not the dream, but an unshaking feeling I had the night before I went to sleep.

This evening my prayer was answered when I was trying to raise money for the Human Rights Campaign. A pastor stopped me and said, “I will give you something better than a pledge for your charity.” And then he proceeded to pray for me answering my exact prayer from this morning without me even telling him and letting me know that I could not have been further from the truth, he said that my faith in Jesus Christ will conquer any spiritual deaths I was facing and that it was not in God’s plan for me to fall this way.

The clarity blinded me so I went to the bathroom to cry.
I leave you with one of my favourite quotes and a heartfelt sentiment,
“This is what the Lord says:
“Let not the wise boast of their wisdom
or the strong boast of their strength
or the rich boast of their riches,
but let the one who boasts boast about this:
that they have the understanding to know me,
that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,
justice and righteousness on earth,
for in these I delight,”
declares the Lord. – Jeremiah 9:23-24

Thus, Live Long & Prosper, dear Children of the Dead…
I still do not understand this miracle that was today, this is why in Ayla Nereo fashion I show myself to you to know myself…

Last year after Trump won the election and Kanye went to the Trump Tower to what seemed to be to pose and cozy up to him, I was enraged with an intense anger in my heart. My heart exploded so, that my mind could not think clearly. After taking a few days of refuge to breathe so that I can think again I was able to see how short-sighted I was. This onset was not without preparation either, I had been traveling the country and then working the polls during the primary elections and had been telling some of my friends I saw Trump taking it all. I wasn’t buying the left-wing polls, I was listening to the people. When I returned to California others were laughing while taking the spectacle as joke, I was beginning to boil over with outrage as I expected his upcoming victory. However, it was like loosing use of my legs as an onlooking speeding train blazed straight toward me. Petrified in anger and feeling there was nothing I could do.

By the time election day was approaching I had already went through my acceptance phase of grief and was dishing out hard blunt truths. But a dull blade as this was merely only a training weapon for defense, and no tool with which to build on. After several marches, protests, and organizations, the resistance was looking futile. It was far past due time Americans took to the street for what they believe, energy felt more rampant than ever, but the focus was blurry. The young had the desire and drive but were new to this; and the old had the know-how and wherewithal yet man had quite frankly forgotten what democracy looks like. ‘Democracy is most certainly not a spectator sport’ and it was a grand spectacle watching our neighbors go by the throat at one another deciphering our way through it all. The first amendment smelt of decay and fresh blood and it was so fucking beautiful.

Finding my way through it, all the while knowing that no piece of paper is sovereign enough to define my rights. We are human, not a law nor barcode. ‘You have the right, as a human being’; that is to say, ‘I exist, and that’s it!’ Which is not to say that these laws have no decree, but rather that a human being is beyond law. Cher ami, remember this: No gods, no idols…The people of this nation are far too great to be led by a president. For acquiescing to a belief that is not your own is your choice alone, no matter how much a ‘shock doctrine’ may convince you it was your choice all along. And freedom that opposes another’s freedom is not freedom, but oppression. In the words of my friend Tim Holland, “I’m not anti-anything, I’m anti-everything, it fits better.” And thus, within this search of finding my way through I was fortunate to come across a stone where then turned I am able to fight against terrible policies proposed by Trump, Bannon, and the powers that be, with several amazing organizations that do not give in but instead resist with all might on the daily. I am so grateful to be active in democracy, for tyranny reigns when the people refuse to take action. So act daily, for the final judgment is always upon us dear human family. Hating Trump does one no good and only brings one anger and hatred within self, but loving one another will keep stirring the fire in heart to stand for what you believe. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” ‘for we are all we have, and thus, it does not take each of Us, but all of Us.’