Black people are no longer slaves. Black people are no charity case. When superman walks in the room rip his cape off. We don’t need your fake heroes #Saveyourself

We need to lift up with all Americans, as One

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This propaganda recently pretending Israelis are these evil people who want to kill Palestinians with no care is absolutely atrocious and an egregious lie. Here is video of Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar stating, “We will take down Israel’s border and tear out Israeli hearts from their bodies”
And we are supposed to believe this was a peaceful protest?
There’s been Palestinians who openly told media they were trying to destroy the border so they could go in there and kill Jews.
This anti-semitic lie needs to stop. There is literally footage of protesters chanting “Death to America, Death to Zionists.” Siding with this as an American is pure ignorance and ignoring the security of your fellow countrymen. Israel wasn’t killing poor innocent people, they were stopping people literally trying bomb down their border bolstered with military support so that they could kill Jews. Disgusting.

Palestinians flat out told an NPR reporter they want to burn all the Jews. This was no peaceful protest. And so far 50 of the 62 killed were confirmed to be of Hamas, another 3 confirmed to be of a jihadist group. What country wouldn’t protect themselves against this? They had to use careful measure and restraint to be that precise. Israel was defending themselves against violent terrorists who proudly fly the swastika and call for the burning of Jews. Sickening.

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Long post: gonna shed some light on recent #tmz #interview
In left pic here we have the real #Kanye with rising thought leader @realcandaceowens at tmz.
So before the #comments cry about his remarks on #slavery let’s clarify he never said “slavery was a choice” as what his critics want to here. He said that if you’ve been a slave 400 years that sounds like a choice. Not it was. It is.
This is simple arithmetic y’all,
1619 + 400 = 2019 (bringing us even a lil past present day) If you still hold yourself back because of slavery, that’s a choice. He elaborates by saying we are in mental imprisonment, tying things back together to One human race. 🙏🏽

He even went on to explain after, “the reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought.”

Move over to the pic on the right which @snoopdogg says that Kanye is now white…riiiight, because if someone doesn’t agree with you or fit in this box of identity politics they lose their identity? This is how afraid of freedom of thought people have become and exactly why Ye needed to put this on display. There was even a #cnn writer who wrote a hit piece on him stating “shutting him down is not a matter of censoring opinions…”
Um…yeah, yeah that’s exactly what that is.

So I want to conclude with this: Diversity is not brought about by beehive mentality of us all having to think the same thing. That’s the opposite. Excelling as great individuals to compliment our strengths and weaknesses is diversity. Let’s be able to reach across to our neighbors, our friends, our enemies and listen and converse even with those we disagree with, instead of trying to destroy anyone that doesn’t think like you. Let’s be humble enough to accept that there may be something we can learn from the people we think we’re against. Let’s be lovingkind enough to accept that freedom of speech, and freedom of thought even applies when it isn’t yours. Love & Light to everyone.💞
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Duals and friends shoot the shit about different matters they are passionate about. We swim through friendly and comical banter as we try to uncover what this mess called life is made of.

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The mission:
To spread so much Love that this world has to change…
then peacefully fade out of memory of existence…
my subtle idea of perfection…

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This is the first single for upcoming album “Sin Chronic City” which of course is play on words for Synchronicity. I hope you find something you connect with here and grow with. And I hope you find something you don’t connect with and learn to heart it hard. Oneness or something and the linking of ourselves through souls…For may what we do now echoes out through eternity like the slow fade of love…For Love is infinite and thus triumphed death…Interwoven through a painful struggle and re-unstrangled out the other side by glory & grace…
(Recording and Mixing by Joey Paradis at RxP Studios)

…Never Influenced…Always Inspired…Spread Love…

Wow, an honor to be on the same show as Brother Ali Flogging Molly and Aphex Twin
Thank you kindly SoupyGato Show <3

The mystical Black Lion looks out ahead with his eyes fixed and focused out unto the horizon. Upon some point of past shadows and demons with the blood, he paid through countless battles to be at the point where he is now, is still poignantly fresh and trickling down his eye and the front of his mane. Here he still stands victorious. A heart catharticly emoting the treasures and wars of it’s own eternalness. This is my spirit animal. This is my story. This is Kidnapped.


Artist features and production contributions to: Sole, DJ Pain 1, SherVeen Beats, Justin Jay Beats, Aurelia, Dreamer Black, Amy Louisee, Ice Mic 360, Annali Carmel, Johanna Jordan, Ceschi, Soultru, Step Back J, Moody Black, Soulnix, Andrew Gabriel Pragin, KiRyan, Elbious, Prime Suspect, BaysFinest, Edwin Dubali, Kasper The God, Jozif Del Rey, Hiphop Genius, KLAE Beats, DJ Wake & Bake, DJ Cutlass

Additional Mixing and Mastering by Running Wolf and Joey Paradis


This album Kidnapped is both literal and personal for me from a whirlwind of emotions from when I was young and then extrapolating that metaphorically paralleling the effects of an enslaved mentality and the way the world works.


In case any of you may be interested in the breakdown of this universe deemed Kidnapped, this is in way a double album that works to each of it’s parts. The halves CD 1 & CD 2 are split in 18 songs a piece, symbolically representing the gift of ‘Life’ blessed to Us. (חי )


Each part has it’s respective bonds as well. Tied to the trauma of Kidnapped thy psyche…

The first half represents physical and emotional trauma. Each half however, is in two parts, broken between 9 songs a piece…9 numerologically is linked to the cross and finality of things. The first nine songs tied to physical and the next nine emotional.


The second half represents psychological and spiritual trauma. Also to note, the first 9 songs of the album and last nine allude to each other more with words while the middle flow with each other more musically, giving the universe of Kidnapped a circle, mathematically π or ‘Life’…


The weird and wild chaoticness of a Kidnapped psyche is balanced by breaking these two testaments of lives within themselves for a structured four parts bound by the cross, or nine. Four represents disciple and stability, thus winning back the psyche from what was Kidnapped. Furthermore, for each part of nine there is a song that acts as a bridge on the fifth song of each of the four parts. The fifth being perfectly fit to give flux within each part to give ties and leeway respectively within each.


Lastly, there are three bonus tracks. Of course three representing the trinity. Two books of Life with the trinity hiddenly woven beyond it. Thus, we brave the thirty-nine stripes of Jesus Christ. In essence, One may be Kidnapped, but the soul only grows beyond…Thusly, in a world of where religions are bastardized, the holy spirit within Us cannot be defeated. God was stolen from Us. Kidnapped is the stealing of God back unto His children…


Love has already won; so we will always overcome…

This is the last single I am releasing before the album “Sailor Moon In A Jessica Rabbit Costume”

You can now start pre-ordering the album and the Mystical Black Lion shirt! Rock these fresh threads and bang the singles before anyone else!

This is the first song I’ve completed entirely in Japanese!

Shh, this is one of the bonus tracks off the upcoming Kidnapped album so it may only be on Soundcloud for a limited time. The instrumental was produced by the awesome DJ Cutlass!  This is a fun Japanese trap song that is bouncy and danceable while still being lyrical and uplifting, I hope you dig it and have as much fun bouncing around to this as I did making it 🙂