I believe if you cut friends or family out of your life simply for political disagreements than you’ve been radicalized for someone else’s gain. Politics shouldn’t stop Us from loving each other.

When I’m overwhelmed, Jesus Christ is the only one I can lean on.

It is better to be an atheist who is true to himself than a Christian who does not love Jesus.

Saying you believe in Christ is not the same as submitting to Him in Love.

Was Jesus harsher on the believers or non-believers?

Remember, Satan too believes in Christ.

Saying you believe in Christ is not the same as faith.

May we hold the faith needed to die to ourselves so that we may live through Him…

Infinite Love…

When my friends find out that I’m a cat I always dodge the question of countin up my lives because I’m afraid to admit to anyone, especially myself, that I only have one left…

Trump is a disaster with issues on climate change, true. But the change of our economical structure is inevitable as solar, wind, and renewable energy sources grow less and less expensive they are passing that curve where coal is too expensive thus forcing more and more coal plants to shut down and large corporations switching over to renewables because not only are they cleaner and more efficient, but they are becoming more economically beneficial for them as well. Therefore, our environment will not be saved by political reasons, but because of economical reasons. Silver lining yah yah, keep hope ey 😉😇

I was talking to a DACA recipient last night and his story of how his family came over here is incredible. His mom came here when he was five and his little brother was born here. They are super loving people and hard workers, all of them have no criminal record and multiple jobs. If Trump’s DACA plans are to go through after these six months here, his little brother would be left here without a family and him and his mother would have to leave their family and work to go to Mexico where there is no family or livelihood waiting for them. Please write your local representatives to stand up for DACA. Text “RESIST” to 50409

Hops on soapbox:
No one needs you. They prefer your presence in their life. Self-preservation of life is the first law of nature. Despite how much we may think we need someone, we learn to live without them if we have to.

Thus, what this need we feel is, is a selfless love to share part of our life with one another. Therefore overwhelming gratitude to my family and friends who prefer sharing part of their life with me. Thank you for not needing me, yet still choosing my presence. Infinite Love

*hops off soapbox*

The difference between the truth of this world and the truth of Love is that one divides and tears down and One builds up and gives grace. The alikeness is each truth pisses everyone off in one way or another 😂

Someone once told me there is nothing more dangerous than blind faith. Yet, I’ve never seen anything as blinding as putting faith in what someone sees…

Of course in a world where oppression ensures the entrapment of minds for greed of power, true power as simple and miraculous as Love is the most dangerous weapon known to man…