Newest album by Duals is coming May 26th!

This is by far my most colossal, grand, far-reaching, and greatest release to date! So please support the Kickstarter. If you can contribute of course do, as you will be rewarded generously with the first of the newest art and goodies from Duals ❤


If you can’t contribute please share, because you never know which of your friends can


Also, there will be an album release show the same day at our Growth Of Culture Live Venue!!!

Love & Light

Hello Beautiful Children of the universe

Our Mission here at Growth Of Culture – Is to spread Love in all forms through any medium of art and revolution.  We represent God’s lost children whom fight for the forgotten, neglected, abused, lonely, alienated, and downtrodden people of the world so that those of Us in dark may One day find Light & Love…