Lord Jesus Christ wants so urgently to Grace you with His Love and Mercy. He wishes to forgive you of your sins and bring you to Eternal Life in Him. But so many souls refuse His Love. The time is nigh to let your heart be changed by God to be conformed to Him, to be filled with infinite Love & Mercy! 💞

Faith is not knowledge of Scripture. Rather knowledge of Scripture should produce Faith in you. Faith requires not merely a profession of belief with the lips with a heart far from God, but rather a heart so generous that we give of ourselves freely and continuously in a self-renewal of Love the Way Jesus continues to do so through us. Love is a renewable energy source in which the more we give the more it replenishes itself.

Therefore, “Faith works through Love” and it is in this manifestation of the selfless heart lived out unto others which lives in the Way of Christ and our character is perfected unto Him by living in His Way. So it is not a knowledge that this Way is Jesus, but rather a deeper knowledge of the heart that living in this Way is how work unto the Truth and become His Life, which is salvation Himself.

Many live this Love, but do not understand this to be God Himself, living in us by Grace. Many still know this to be God, yet refuse Him by their heart with their lack of Faith, which is lack of acting upon that call to Love that they feel impressed upon them. Love wrote Himself on our heart and we must respond to this inner calling, or entrust our life to this Love, which is Faith.

This is why those in sin hate God and His Church. It is not that they don’t know God to be true. It is that God who is Love is written on their heart and they don’t want to be told the Truth so as to face the mirror which reflects the grave deadliness of their sin.

Be Love. And continue in Him. For now we know in part and in Heaven we will know in full. This is to know Jesus who is God. By acknowledging this Truth and living in this Way and becoming His Life is to grow to know Him. Holy and Eternal is Love. Therefore Heaven is our reward in living out this salvation. But more pertinently, this Kingdom is here now living amongst us. God Love You.

Man can not attain moral perfection for he is a broken creature from original sin. Christ has shown us through Him moral perfection is possible. Therefore moral perfection is attainable through the Grace of God only.

Being such, to say that we can not attain this when Jesus says all things are possible through Him and it is by His Grace that we can is to try to limit His power. Further, our Mother Mary did attain this by being gratia plena “full of Grace.”

Also being, without Grace we sin and through Grace we are made able to live according to Christ. Thus showing, that Grace allows us to not sin and live in His perfect image, therefore in fullness of Grace there can be no sin just as our Mother Mary had no sin.

This concludes that through the Mediatrix and co-mediatrix that Grace was given unto, moral perfection is attainable by fully submitting to and accepting this Grace.

Ezekiel 37 and John 11

So the ironic thing about the Trinity is that it beholds the mystery of who God is. Since we only know in part and not in full as Apostle Paul tells us, we do not know fully the mystery because who can know fully God?

The part which we do know though, our Lord revealed Himself and His Name to Moses. The Great “I Am Who I Am” or the Tetragrammaton יהוה or YHWH which is the unspeakable Name. Because of fear of the Lord, Israelites reverently refer to His Name as Adonai instead or “LORD.” This Lord who is our God tells us through His Prophet Isaiah that He will give us a Son, Immanuel which means “God among us.” This Son is who the Prophets of Scripture spoke of and who the disciples of Christ testified to us as Lord, who “before Abraham, I Am.”

And being that there is only One Lord and God the Father, “The LORD your God” says that we shall worhsip no one else but Him, therefore by Him exalting Jesus Christ as the “Name above all names” and that everyone “confess that Jesus Christ is LORD” is to the glory of the Father. And thus, the testament that His Holy Spirit gives is True that if we see the Son then we have seen the Father. For the Father and Son are One. They have coexisted eternally as One, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.”

And it is this Oneness that Christ calls His Church, His Body, to have. Both with each other and with Him whom our Spirit belongs. His Holy Spirit is the Love that connects the Father and the Son and it is this very same Spirit that Christ gives to us to live in us and through us by His very Spirit.

This perfect form of Love which is unbounded and can not be broken as it is the perfect unity and Oneness of God, is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are co-eternal, consubstantial, and co-essential to the One being of our Infinite God who can not be contained by Heaven nor Earth, and His Holy Trinity is the limited personhood by which He has revealed to us for us to know Him by.

When we face the greatest lows is how we rise to the greatest heights. We know sin brings about death and brokenness. And as it has increased in our world today, the Church must rise to greater heights to rise to fight it. We can not sit by idly as the devil works overtime. Where there is sin, there should the Body of Christ be, praying in defense against it. Unceasingly. It is in this lowness that God raises us up.

It is in this calamity that God uses us to be peacemakers. As it is written, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Notice He does not say peacekeepers. For to keep the peace of the world would be to keep the worldly spirit of ambition, brokenness, and death. But rather we must make Peace through Christ with the Grace He has bestowed to us.

So we can not sit in ivory towers judging the world. We have not yet finished the race brothers and sisters. We must be in the world, occupying space, getting our hands dirty. Let our hands be His hands so He can use us.

So as we are slaughtered all the day long, our Faith mocked, and our Way of Life attacked, let us smile humbly and triumphantly in the face of our enemy as we pray and don’t back down.

Soldiers of Christ, the time to march is an hour past nigh. Go triumph over sin, not to live with sin being unequally yoked, but to be apart from it and heal it through the Grace of God. For it is not us who overcome, but Christ who works in us, saving by His Mercy. For you bear the vessel of the Lord. “For where sin abounds, Grace abounds much more.” Therefore let us be sent out by His Grace, and abound where our King is needed the most. Go to those in sin, go to those in suffering, go to those in the Name of the Lord and serve them as He would. Let thy Kingdom dwell among us. Amen and Amen.

Sin is not something that can be overcome by ourselves. We are weak to our sin and our flesh. Without abiding in Christ we can do nothing. We can not save ourselves. We are helpless to our sin and can not save ourselves. We are in need of a Saviour. Someone who is outside of sin, someone who is beyond us, alas, we need Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus Christ even our “good deeds” are but dirty rags. But through Him we can do all things.

The law is not some “Christian guilt” as some with perverted worship who aggrandize “self-love” putting their worship to the creation rather than to the Creator may put it. It is rather Christly Grace, so that we can see our sin for the gruesome death that it is and in response reach out to be changed.

This Knowledge that we are in need of our Saviour is a most freeing notion. We are not bound to the chains that we are our own god nor hero, but rather the goodness that flows from us is from the One who is good.

How boring is the theatrical play where every actor sees themselves as the starring role and prioritizing their role above those around them. That is a play like a blackhole so inward on itself that it can not see that the audience has left and even the other actors on the stage have fallen asleep due to the doldrums of self-love that has stolen their stage-time. These grandiose actors reduce and debase their role by stunting it to the lowest level of common denominator. A shallowness that is so placating and prevaricating that even the most wretched sycophant do flee from this empty materialism. This story is unentertaining and void of feeling, it even even has the large flashing neon lights to say otherwise just to prove it…

Conversely, how riveting is the play where there are no small actors. Where the actors have the Wisdom to see the bigger picture and that their interaction is what gives Life to the dynamic of the play. In this play, there is no small role unlike the previous one where the overshadowing leaves to such ruin and despair. Where before in the previous play we have a comedy that quickly descends into tragedy by it’s solipsism, compared to here in this play we have infinite depth by how actors and events intertwine in ways only a director whose perspective is far beyond the scene can possibly foresee. In this electrifying intertwining we have what seemed to be a tragedy open up into a comedy by the sheer intensity of delight and attention to the smallest of details with the greatest care. In this there is not entertainment for one, but entertainment for all as One. There are no small roles, for even the smallest of roles is played with the utmost Love for everyone else that they cohabitate the stage with. Like DNA entangled into each other, it presents the ultimate human drama revealed unto Himself.

How freeing it is to know we are not captives to the sin that enslaves us, but we instead live in the drama of a greater captivity. How sweet the sound of Grace unbounded! A silent thundering triumph to all nations through all ages! The Knowledge of Truth that we are sinners is a Knowledge to be set free from our dreaded lonesome play of ambitious turmoil, and step into a play where the salt twinkles under our toes, the Light opens up where we were blind to the day, and the horizon is endless. Step by step we walk, until no footsteps remain in the sand, as we all soar on eagle{s wings to an eternity of not self-love, but a Love so willing to suffer for the other, that suffering can remain no more! Truly truly I tell you, the play where we are nothing, just one character on a stage submitting to the grandeur of the Director is the only play worth watching as it is the only play that is Real, and True, and Good, and Beautiful, and Free.

“Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character produces Hope, which will not put us to shame for this Hope pours out the Love of God given to us in the Holy Spirit.”

…And then the servant asks, but how long o Lord, must I be tested through this fire?!


How much longer must I endure o Lord?

“Endure until the end”

There is no end in sight. Terror is on all sides and I am crucified all the day long, like a sheep being led to the slaughter.

“I will be with you always, until the end of the age.”

Abba! Father! Where are you!?, the servant cries out

*Darkness gets darker yet*

…When the servant couldn’t see past the eyes on his face, he knew that he had no Hope. Only he had to feel as though he had no hope so that his eyes could see that he had it all along…Always coming; Always going…Now blow Truth through the wind like Dylan was a fool for God…

A Christian can never be indifferent toward another. If they are in Christ already then we must stop n love our brother or sister in encouragement of our Hope or to exhort to build up and remain obedient to the Way.

If they hate us or even our God, we must desire to share the Love of Christ with them and pray for them to bring them into the fold and never be lukewarm about their eternal soul, because that is what is at stake.

May we always call out sin, not in judgment, but in the Truth of Love. To expose darkness to the Light. For how does a child know they erred if we encourage or are indifferent to sin? Though all know God as He wrote His just statutes in our heart, “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”

We speak the Truth of the Gospel, the power of salvation, because yes first because we love God and do as He commands to proclaim, and then from that interconnectedly flowing into love for all our neighbours. This is all True. But how do we know this? By Revelation of Jesus Christ, pitifully standing before His Holyness we became aware of our own wretchedness and need of His salvation. So seeing other sinners, out of deep empathy we have Hope for them to join the hospital of sinners, the Church.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, do not be uncharitable by not giving the Truth, Jesus Christ, who gives of Himself so freely and infinitely. Let us not hold back so not to be guilty of the sin of omission, the sin of indifference, the sin of not giving Mercy (who is Christ) when like the parable of the unforgiving servant who was forgiven his debts and yet did not forgive others.

Perhaps one of the greatest causes of destruction of the world is by the Church not standing as the rock, as the “Pillar of Truth” that God set us forth to be. And yes, by telling it like it is we will be falsely judged, we will be mocked, we will have all sorts of insults thrown at us and all kinds of evils false uttered at us for the sake of His Name. If so, blessed are you for your reward in Heaven shall be great. How can we even call that suffering compared to all our LORD has suffered for us? So turn the other cheek with an even stronger Love! Prepare to be mocked for loving others with joyful abandon, like David dancing before the alter, or like Christ throwing seeds of the Kingdom like a crazed farmer seemingly wasting abundant love on thorns and rocky soil and likewise to which sinner can we turn away?

There is no sin too great that Jesus Christ can not heal and save you from. Murderers, theives, prostitutes, sexually immoral, liars, greedy, jealous, gossipers, slanderers, haters of God, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless, and all sorts of evils and wrongdoings, we hope for all to be called into the Grace of discipleship, for one repentant soul, God and all angels and saints in Heaven all rejoice! So were some of you brethren, so we must also in return be vessels of His Love & Light unto them to bring them in.“Though they know God’s decree (in their heart) that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but also give approval to those who practice them.” Because of this they were given over to their evil passions and their hearts have been darkened to the Truth. This is why the TRUTH MUST BE PROCLAIMED!

Repentance is not merely sorrow for what you did. It is fully submitting to Jesus Christ as LORD over your life. Jesus Christ “through whom we have received Grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of Faith,” is not just asked for in our Faith, but required. Otherwise you do not believe IN JESUS, you just believe about him the same as an unbeliever or even a demon may believe about him.

God loved the world so much that He gave us His Son Jesus Christ to be crucified on the cross, humiliated stricken and suffered and died for our sins by His Body and Blood with the only worthy sacrifice of His Divinity and Soul. And death could not conquer Him, He gave it up of His own will to conquer our death and rose on the third day in fulfillment of the Scriptures and ascended into Heaven so we may follow Him so to One day be risen up with Him. And all we have to do is receive this gift. Not in half measure without living in His way, but in full measure by His authority teaching and observing (adhering to) all that He commands us, so in which, we truly be His Body and work to create Earth as it is in Heaven, not by our will, but His will, not by our life, but the new and True and Everlasting Life He has gifted us with.

And He gives us this tall order to be conformed to Him, this great commission to “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation” as gifts are not to be hoarded to ourselves only to become of nothing when He returns like in the parable of the Talents. Gifts are to be shared, seeds invested into others so that it’s paid forward continually, gifting one another in infinite Love like Jacob’s ladder spiraling everly into Heaven, all for the prayerfully unceasing expansion of His Kingdom.

This is the Glory for in a world that is upside down, broken and diseased by our sin, must we turn it rightside up again. In this world that calls good evil, and evil good, that has worshipped creation and forget the Creator “as if the potter were regarded as clay.” We must turn it upside down like Jesus flipping the tables of the axis, crux to re-center and thus this crux the center of creation and now all time is measured by the year of His being, as I write this now in 2020 of the year of our LORD. Let us be found guilty of living the Christian Faith in action so that the city officials despise us saying “These men who have turned the world upside down have now come here,” like Paul and Silas in Acts. Turn this dark world upside down to the Light of God. For the Kingdom of God is here now among us. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum! Amen. He is always both here and coming, so live in His Joy as such for it is reality now. This is true now. So do not shy away at our time of persecution, but rejoice in it for that gives Glory to the fact that His Kingdom is here and the world is being turned upside down for the sake of His Name.

Doxology be, First Love, and let that Love pour out Truth, for that Truth brings Peace. Not as the world gives it, but as our Christ gives it.