Eat Meat

Too many Christians are still only drinking the milk and not eating the meat. I want to encourage you to use your extra time inside during this pandemic to read the Catechism, read the Sacred Councils especially the Council of Trent and Vatican I, read about the Saints. Also, I’d like you to go to Mass as regularly as possible, as we’ve seen they won’t hesitate to try to steal our Way of life from us for the illusion of safety. They value malls and liquor stores more than your ability to worship in your Faith as you will which is your God given right. Pray the Rosary everyday, read the Bible everyday, occasional fasts, pray the chaplet of Mercy, spend at least an hour with the Blessed Sacrament each week. Get back to the orthodox teachings of the Apostles in completeness, because they aren’t teaching the full Faith in way too many churches these days. Don’t just drink the milk, but get some meat on those bones too so they don’t dry up. When the going gets tough we must put on the full armor of God. You don’t want missing clinks in your gear when it’s time for battle. We must not be push-overs for Christ, but warriors for Christ. God gives us not a spirit of timidity, but of Power, Love, and sound mind. Infiltrate the culture with the Faith of the One True Living God. God Love You.

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