All Saint’s Day 2020

When we sin we destroy the Heaven of the soul. God made our soul as Heaven, so we can find the Kingdom within. Yet our sin removes us far from Heaven, far from our soul. Let us not destroy what is Heavenly by putting our love in what is worldly.

When all sensitive self-love is destroyed, only here, can we receive a True Love from God, a Love that is pure and loves only Virtue.

Through Jesus Christ our family prays for us unceasingly, that we do not ignorantly walk by sight in way of drowning, but walk through the Bridge, the only Way that connects Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ. Angels and Saints proclaim unto Him for us eternally that we walk this Bridge by Faith.

So choose the Bridge and not the river by which all the world will drown. Keep our minds on Heavenly and not worldly. Remain on and through the Bridge.

May we always be poor at the ignorant who choose self-love despite the Grace we are given. May we always be poor in Spirit like Jesus being given gall and vinegar. Bitterly thirsting for all the souls who ignorantly offend God and compassionate tears for their souls to return unto them.

Joyful All Saint’s Day 💞

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