Kingdom Amongst Us

Faith is not knowledge of Scripture. Rather knowledge of Scripture should produce Faith in you. Faith requires not merely a profession of belief with the lips with a heart far from God, but rather a heart so generous that we give of ourselves freely and continuously in a self-renewal of Love the Way Jesus continues to do so through us. Love is a renewable energy source in which the more we give the more it replenishes itself.

Therefore, “Faith works through Love” and it is in this manifestation of the selfless heart lived out unto others which lives in the Way of Christ and our character is perfected unto Him by living in His Way. So it is not a knowledge that this Way is Jesus, but rather a deeper knowledge of the heart that living in this Way is how work unto the Truth and become His Life, which is salvation Himself.

Many live this Love, but do not understand this to be God Himself, living in us by Grace. Many still know this to be God, yet refuse Him by their heart with their lack of Faith, which is lack of acting upon that call to Love that they feel impressed upon them. Love wrote Himself on our heart and we must respond to this inner calling, or entrust our life to this Love, which is Faith.

This is why those in sin hate God and His Church. It is not that they don’t know God to be true. It is that God who is Love is written on their heart and they don’t want to be told the Truth so as to face the mirror which reflects the grave deadliness of their sin.

Be Love. And continue in Him. For now we know in part and in Heaven we will know in full. This is to know Jesus who is God. By acknowledging this Truth and living in this Way and becoming His Life is to grow to know Him. Holy and Eternal is Love. Therefore Heaven is our reward in living out this salvation. But more pertinently, this Kingdom is here now living amongst us. God Love You.

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