Let Thy Kingdom Dwell Among Us

When we face the greatest lows is how we rise to the greatest heights. We know sin brings about death and brokenness. And as it has increased in our world today, the Church must rise to greater heights to rise to fight it. We can not sit by idly as the devil works overtime. Where there is sin, there should the Body of Christ be, praying in defense against it. Unceasingly. It is in this lowness that God raises us up.

It is in this calamity that God uses us to be peacemakers. As it is written, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Notice He does not say peacekeepers. For to keep the peace of the world would be to keep the worldly spirit of ambition, brokenness, and death. But rather we must make Peace through Christ with the Grace He has bestowed to us.

So we can not sit in ivory towers judging the world. We have not yet finished the race brothers and sisters. We must be in the world, occupying space, getting our hands dirty. Let our hands be His hands so He can use us.

So as we are slaughtered all the day long, our Faith mocked, and our Way of Life attacked, let us smile humbly and triumphantly in the face of our enemy as we pray and don’t back down.

Soldiers of Christ, the time to march is an hour past nigh. Go triumph over sin, not to live with sin being unequally yoked, but to be apart from it and heal it through the Grace of God. For it is not us who overcome, but Christ who works in us, saving by His Mercy. For you bear the vessel of the Lord. “For where sin abounds, Grace abounds much more.” Therefore let us be sent out by His Grace, and abound where our King is needed the most. Go to those in sin, go to those in suffering, go to those in the Name of the Lord and serve them as He would. Let thy Kingdom dwell among us. Amen and Amen.

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