Faith is not knowledge of Scripture. Rather knowledge of Scripture should produce Faith in you. Faith requires not merely a profession of belief with the lips with a heart far from God, but rather a heart so generous that we give of ourselves freely and continuously in a self-renewal of Love the Way Jesus continues to do so through us. Love is a renewable energy source in which the more we give the more it replenishes itself.

Therefore, “Faith works through Love” and it is in this manifestation of the selfless heart lived out unto others which lives in the Way of Christ and our character is perfected unto Him by living in His Way. So it is not a knowledge that this Way is Jesus, but rather a deeper knowledge of the heart that living in this Way is how work unto the Truth and become His Life, which is salvation Himself.

Many live this Love, but do not understand this to be God Himself, living in us by Grace. Many still know this to be God, yet refuse Him by their heart with their lack of Faith, which is lack of acting upon that call to Love that they feel impressed upon them. Love wrote Himself on our heart and we must respond to this inner calling, or entrust our life to this Love, which is Faith.

This is why those in sin hate God and His Church. It is not that they don’t know God to be true. It is that God who is Love is written on their heart and they don’t want to be told the Truth so as to face the mirror which reflects the grave deadliness of their sin.

Be Love. And continue in Him. For now we know in part and in Heaven we will know in full. This is to know Jesus who is God. By acknowledging this Truth and living in this Way and becoming His Life is to grow to know Him. Holy and Eternal is Love. Therefore Heaven is our reward in living out this salvation. But more pertinently, this Kingdom is here now living amongst us. God Love You.

Man can not attain moral perfection for he is a broken creature from original sin. Christ has shown us through Him moral perfection is possible. Therefore moral perfection is attainable through the Grace of God only.

Being such, to say that we can not attain this when Jesus says all things are possible through Him and it is by His Grace that we can is to try to limit His power. Further, our Mother Mary did attain this by being gratia plena “full of Grace.”

Also being, without Grace we sin and through Grace we are made able to live according to Christ. Thus showing, that Grace allows us to not sin and live in His perfect image, therefore in fullness of Grace there can be no sin just as our Mother Mary had no sin.

This concludes that through the Mediatrix and co-mediatrix that Grace was given unto, moral perfection is attainable by fully submitting to and accepting this Grace.

Ezekiel 37 and John 11

So the ironic thing about the Trinity is that it beholds the mystery of who God is. Since we only know in part and not in full as Apostle Paul tells us, we do not know fully the mystery because who can know fully God?

The part which we do know though, our Lord revealed Himself and His Name to Moses. The Great “I Am Who I Am” or the Tetragrammaton יהוה or YHWH which is the unspeakable Name. Because of fear of the Lord, Israelites reverently refer to His Name as Adonai instead or “LORD.” This Lord who is our God tells us through His Prophet Isaiah that He will give us a Son, Immanuel which means “God among us.” This Son is who the Prophets of Scripture spoke of and who the disciples of Christ testified to us as Lord, who “before Abraham, I Am.”

And being that there is only One Lord and God the Father, “The LORD your God” says that we shall worhsip no one else but Him, therefore by Him exalting Jesus Christ as the “Name above all names” and that everyone “confess that Jesus Christ is LORD” is to the glory of the Father. And thus, the testament that His Holy Spirit gives is True that if we see the Son then we have seen the Father. For the Father and Son are One. They have coexisted eternally as One, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.”

And it is this Oneness that Christ calls His Church, His Body, to have. Both with each other and with Him whom our Spirit belongs. His Holy Spirit is the Love that connects the Father and the Son and it is this very same Spirit that Christ gives to us to live in us and through us by His very Spirit.

This perfect form of Love which is unbounded and can not be broken as it is the perfect unity and Oneness of God, is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are co-eternal, consubstantial, and co-essential to the One being of our Infinite God who can not be contained by Heaven nor Earth, and His Holy Trinity is the limited personhood by which He has revealed to us for us to know Him by.

When we face the greatest lows is how we rise to the greatest heights. We know sin brings about death and brokenness. And as it has increased in our world today, the Church must rise to greater heights to rise to fight it. We can not sit by idly as the devil works overtime. Where there is sin, there should the Body of Christ be, praying in defense against it. Unceasingly. It is in this lowness that God raises us up.

It is in this calamity that God uses us to be peacemakers. As it is written, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Notice He does not say peacekeepers. For to keep the peace of the world would be to keep the worldly spirit of ambition, brokenness, and death. But rather we must make Peace through Christ with the Grace He has bestowed to us.

So we can not sit in ivory towers judging the world. We have not yet finished the race brothers and sisters. We must be in the world, occupying space, getting our hands dirty. Let our hands be His hands so He can use us.

So as we are slaughtered all the day long, our Faith mocked, and our Way of Life attacked, let us smile humbly and triumphantly in the face of our enemy as we pray and don’t back down.

Soldiers of Christ, the time to march is an hour past nigh. Go triumph over sin, not to live with sin being unequally yoked, but to be apart from it and heal it through the Grace of God. For it is not us who overcome, but Christ who works in us, saving by His Mercy. For you bear the vessel of the Lord. “For where sin abounds, Grace abounds much more.” Therefore let us be sent out by His Grace, and abound where our King is needed the most. Go to those in sin, go to those in suffering, go to those in the Name of the Lord and serve them as He would. Let thy Kingdom dwell among us. Amen and Amen.