I’m Just One Character On The Stage

Sin is not something that can be overcome by ourselves. We are weak to our sin and our flesh. Without abiding in Christ we can do nothing. We can not save ourselves. We are helpless to our sin and can not save ourselves. We are in need of a Saviour. Someone who is outside of sin, someone who is beyond us, alas, we need Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus Christ even our “good deeds” are but dirty rags. But through Him we can do all things.

The law is not some “Christian guilt” as some with perverted worship who aggrandize “self-love” putting their worship to the creation rather than to the Creator may put it. It is rather Christly Grace, so that we can see our sin for the gruesome death that it is and in response reach out to be changed.

This Knowledge that we are in need of our Saviour is a most freeing notion. We are not bound to the chains that we are our own god nor hero, but rather the goodness that flows from us is from the One who is good.

How boring is the theatrical play where every actor sees themselves as the starring role and prioritizing their role above those around them. That is a play like a blackhole so inward on itself that it can not see that the audience has left and even the other actors on the stage have fallen asleep due to the doldrums of self-love that has stolen their stage-time. These grandiose actors reduce and debase their role by stunting it to the lowest level of common denominator. A shallowness that is so placating and prevaricating that even the most wretched sycophant do flee from this empty materialism. This story is unentertaining and void of feeling, it even even has the large flashing neon lights to say otherwise just to prove it…

Conversely, how riveting is the play where there are no small actors. Where the actors have the Wisdom to see the bigger picture and that their interaction is what gives Life to the dynamic of the play. In this play, there is no small role unlike the previous one where the overshadowing leaves to such ruin and despair. Where before in the previous play we have a comedy that quickly descends into tragedy by it’s solipsism, compared to here in this play we have infinite depth by how actors and events intertwine in ways only a director whose perspective is far beyond the scene can possibly foresee. In this electrifying intertwining we have what seemed to be a tragedy open up into a comedy by the sheer intensity of delight and attention to the smallest of details with the greatest care. In this there is not entertainment for one, but entertainment for all as One. There are no small roles, for even the smallest of roles is played with the utmost Love for everyone else that they cohabitate the stage with. Like DNA entangled into each other, it presents the ultimate human drama revealed unto Himself.

How freeing it is to know we are not captives to the sin that enslaves us, but we instead live in the drama of a greater captivity. How sweet the sound of Grace unbounded! A silent thundering triumph to all nations through all ages! The Knowledge of Truth that we are sinners is a Knowledge to be set free from our dreaded lonesome play of ambitious turmoil, and step into a play where the salt twinkles under our toes, the Light opens up where we were blind to the day, and the horizon is endless. Step by step we walk, until no footsteps remain in the sand, as we all soar on eagle{s wings to an eternity of not self-love, but a Love so willing to suffer for the other, that suffering can remain no more! Truly truly I tell you, the play where we are nothing, just one character on a stage submitting to the grandeur of the Director is the only play worth watching as it is the only play that is Real, and True, and Good, and Beautiful, and Free.

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