Eternal Springs in the Hearts of the Young

At the Toronto World Youth Day 2002, Pope John Paul II proclaimed, “Although I have lived through much darkness, under harsh totalitarian regimes,
I have seen enough evidence, to be unshakably convinced
that no difficulty, no fear is so great that it can completely suffocate the hope that springs eternal in the hearts of the young”

The most given command in the Bible is “al tira” (do not fear). How comforting and reassuring. Therefore, let our hope burn on eternally, not to be distinguished by the world. For it is not merely a candle that blows out by the winds of the world. But like a coal where the winds increase the heat of our hearts.

There is one kind of fear, however, which is, encouraged: “yirat Adonai” (fear of God). Often translated more softly as “reverence” or “awe,” yirat Adonai is a distinct mitzvah intended to put all other fears into perspective. For when we fear God alone, all other fear which is not True fades into the invisible nothingness that it is.

So I echo His Word to you again, “Do not fear.” And let your hearts spring eternally, from the well of Christ.

“As long as I have breath within me I shall cry out: Peace, in the Name of God.”

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