The Greatest Joy!!!

The hedonists had something right.Your utmost happiness is critical to life. For your positive energy may flow outward to all those around you causing even greater good. Where they are short-sighted falls within my saying that happiness is fleeting and joy is forever.

We will surely come across both high and low times. So how do we go about both while still holding on to our joy? Truly truly I tell you, God is the greatest joy!!!

Money can in fact buy you happiness. Putting money above all else will leave you craving for more. Sex can give you happiness. Putting that first will leave you numb. Family and friendship even, while supremely great they are can also let you down. If joy of God does not come above all else then any other happiness you receive can leave you depleted and empty.

Joy in God however, will give you hope when none can be seen to the less passionate eye. Joy in God will forever be faithful to you when otherwise you would become lost in despair. Joy in God will give way to your ultimate fulfillment in both sunny times and in dark. Nothing will bring more joy to your life than God!!!

~Infinite Love~💞

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