To Pray Is To Wrestle With One’s Own Soul

To pray is to wrestle with one’s own soul. To come into the all encompassing Light and be bare and vulnerable before God for His Light sees all and sees every shadow and crack and unforgiving imperfection you thought to be hidden deep within. To fearfully kneel before this Truth which sends cold trembles along the your entire being even at the most fragile and unnoticed outer tips of skin n fine hairs standing up down to the deep insufficiency of the human condition, and that much more amplified by the purity and holiness of God. It is in this fission of one’s mind, heart, and soul that one must approach God. And then before He, raise up your heart to Him in the undeniable horribleness of your sin He sees vividly – REPENT!

As your mind’s thoughts stream out in an honest consciousness of all the hard work you have ahead of you to turn away from that sin, improve, restore, and move forth on the uncomfortable path of growth and climb up in reaching closer to God – REFLECT!

And lastly, surrender to this glory that radiates all crevices before thee in an all consuming fire, and know that all man’s knowledge is foolish before God and knowing nothing leaving it all in to Him to give to the only one who knows you fully, in this humbling flicker of His magnanimous grace floating down upon one’s own lowliness is where we surrender to the only one with the power to conquer death and give up our life to accept His new life in us – RENEW!


…By the Blood of Christ…


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