Let’s talk about American exceptionalism

AKA the lil boilin’ pot that stirred me up good

Nowadays many people want to form a homogonized form of what we all should believe. However it is our differences, our diversity, which has always made this country so amazing. Our differences, our disagreements, should be celebrated. Tough conversation fuels growth, let’s not shy away from it. I’ve noticed the more people try to “fix” the world the more we seem to destroy it, and the more we aim to fix ourselves the more we fix the world. There is no need to police each other on the stupid things we may think or say. There is a need to challenge ourselves to interact and try to understand perspectives other than our own. For despite culture, religion, colour, gender, or what have you, the majority of our countrymen are still striving for the best and that has always been one of the things that makes this country so great. And we don’t need to see nor coincide with their steps to understand they are still our brother or sister despite our differences. An eye must do what an eye must do, just as a toe must do what a toe must do. There is no lesser part to Our body. Each is needed to do their part. So even though the left arm cannot see what the right arm does and vice versa, know that at the end of the day they are still connected to the same body, so let Us grasp to that. And keep faith in our fellow humankind.

Thank you for our misunderstandings.

Thank you for our disagreements.

Thank you for our differences.

Thank you for our mixed up miraculous country.

Thank you for being you; unrelentingly so.