Dear Light of the World

Dear Light of the world,

A personal relationship with God is more important than defining your religion. Remember, religious people killed Jesus…But to live in Him is to transform. Christ calls Us to transform to live in His way, to die to our old self, so that we may stay true to Our true identity as Children of the Most High. For it is not what we do that defines Us, but who we are as His people that His Spirit flows out of Us in what we do.

“–the kind of power only those in relationship with Him possess. So when the test comes in Babylon, people without a true identity in Christ will not be able to stand with courage.”

So run towards the fire and do not blend into the changing identity of the world, which is always having an identity crisis with itself, but go into the world and transform the world around you by staying true to your identity in Christ. The world grows dark not because darkness is stronger than Light, Light always overcomes darkness, but because the Light is afraid to shine. You are the Light! Testify to His glory in all you do, whether amongst wolves or sheep. The lions wish to devour you, but they cannot devour whom walks with Him. Selah!

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