Palestinian Protest Was NOT “Peaceful”

This propaganda recently pretending Israelis are these evil people who want to kill Palestinians with no care is absolutely atrocious and an egregious lie. Here is video of Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar stating, “We will take down Israel’s border and tear out Israeli hearts from their bodies”
And we are supposed to believe this was a peaceful protest?
There’s been Palestinians who openly told media they were trying to destroy the border so they could go in there and kill Jews.
This anti-semitic lie needs to stop. There is literally footage of protesters chanting “Death to America, Death to Zionists.” Siding with this as an American is pure ignorance and ignoring the security of your fellow countrymen. Israel wasn’t killing poor innocent people, they were stopping people literally trying bomb down their border bolstered with military support so that they could kill Jews. Disgusting.

Palestinians flat out told an NPR reporter they want to burn all the Jews. This was no peaceful protest. And so far 50 of the 62 killed were confirmed to be of Hamas, another 3 confirmed to be of a jihadist group. What country wouldn’t protect themselves against this? They had to use careful measure and restraint to be that precise. Israel was defending themselves against violent terrorists who proudly fly the swastika and call for the burning of Jews. Sickening.

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