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Long post: gonna shed some light on recent #tmz #interview
In left pic here we have the real #Kanye with rising thought leader @realcandaceowens at tmz.
So before the #comments cry about his remarks on #slavery let’s clarify he never said “slavery was a choice” as what his critics want to here. He said that if you’ve been a slave 400 years that sounds like a choice. Not it was. It is.
This is simple arithmetic y’all,
1619 + 400 = 2019 (bringing us even a lil past present day) If you still hold yourself back because of slavery, that’s a choice. He elaborates by saying we are in mental imprisonment, tying things back together to One human race. 🙏🏽

He even went on to explain after, “the reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought.”

Move over to the pic on the right which @snoopdogg says that Kanye is now white…riiiight, because if someone doesn’t agree with you or fit in this box of identity politics they lose their identity? This is how afraid of freedom of thought people have become and exactly why Ye needed to put this on display. There was even a #cnn writer who wrote a hit piece on him stating “shutting him down is not a matter of censoring opinions…”
Um…yeah, yeah that’s exactly what that is.

So I want to conclude with this: Diversity is not brought about by beehive mentality of us all having to think the same thing. That’s the opposite. Excelling as great individuals to compliment our strengths and weaknesses is diversity. Let’s be able to reach across to our neighbors, our friends, our enemies and listen and converse even with those we disagree with, instead of trying to destroy anyone that doesn’t think like you. Let’s be humble enough to accept that there may be something we can learn from the people we think we’re against. Let’s be lovingkind enough to accept that freedom of speech, and freedom of thought even applies when it isn’t yours. Love & Light to everyone.💞
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