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Art Is War, We Are The Independent Movement!

We are DIY artists that created our own guerilla venue for independent artists

Our venue is located in Santa Barbara, California

No media monster BS, this is real artist takeover!

If you’re down for the cause of bringing the power of art back to artists come check out a show or book your own set with us

We also offer worldwide distribution and promotion on all digital outlets: Amazon, Apple, Google, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc…

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Growth Of Culture – Our mission – to Spread Love in all forms through any medium of art and activism. We represent God’s lost children and fight for the forgotten, neglected, abused, lonely, alienated and downtrodden people of the world so that those in the dark may find Light and Love.

Our label works closely together as friends  and benefits from being able to draw on each others respective strengths and expertise. We strive to provide eclectic and innovative art forms that compels listeners and viewers to stretch their minds to think in new ways and perspectives and inspire to gain and spread more Love.

Aphiah “Duals” Cey-Jude founded interdependent label Growth Of Culture and has now propelled the label to not only be a foundation to release awesome music, which the label is still a major focus of the label, but it is also a foundation for other friends and artist peers to establish all forms of art and be progressive in bearing fruits and striving to make a difference in the world as each artist sees fit.

In addition to art – social awareness & progress, and striving to spread Love unto Humanity are primary messages behind Growth Of Culture. #SpreadLove


Hustlers of the World Unite!


We Have Worldwide Distribution With Believe Digital Believe Records