We are Christ’s Body. Let’s live out our Father’s will in unity with Him.

I’ve seen some people who seem to think that Blacks in America’s long fight to overcome injustice and to liberate itself from the weight of oppression is ancient history.
Our grandparents walked with Martin Luther King Jr for civil rights. Yet Jewish people received reparations for their tragedy during WW II as recently as last year in 2019. The Japanese received reparations for the concentration camps under FDR. Why are the Black Americans the only ones told to forget about it or that there is no real problem?
Then many like to give the look-over-here tactic about Chicago. Yes, let’s look at Chicago. Let’s look at how in 2015 the City of Chicago acknowledged that more than a hundred black prisoners had been subject to torture by the police, which pushed some to confess to crimes they hadn’t committed. But they don’t want to talk about that part do they? They don’t want to admit that there may be some other underlining problems that contributes to what goes on there do they? They don’t want to admit that isn’t ancient history do they?
People nowadays think they won’t ever have to confront the truth. They think they can stick to their narrative and as long as they have enough statistics or people that agree with them then they could simply shrug it off. When you continue to sweep the truth under the rug, it comes back ugly doesn’t it?
Truly truly I tell you, (all of us) you have crucified Yeshuah, the Christ Jesus to the cross with your sins. This Jesus resurrected from the dead, with His deep wounds present. Because no matter how much you hide from the Truth, no matter how much you think you have destroyed the Truth, the Truth always comes back.
America, you have crucified Jesus Christ once again with your sins of slavery, and again with your lynching and killing of His people, and again with Jim Crow and systemic racism, and again with more nails to the cross of unrepentant sowing of discord and murders of which the stories were passed down to their children and grandchildren, and another nail in the tree with Bloody Sunday and all the atrocities endured for the Civil Rights movement, and alas yet again with another nail to the cross with George Floyd.
America. Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand. You must face and accept the Truth to be set free. And this freedom that grants true Peace is what I wish for you. Will we repent and forgive each other to receive that Peace as a Nation? Just as Saul walking along the road to Damascus, Jesus Christ has a deep intimacy with His Church and takes His bride’s persecution very personally. America, America, “Why are you persecuting Me?”

A verse that is needed for everyone right now. Beware family,
“I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.”

The race baiting and discord sowing I’ve seen online is more than ever before. We are brothers and sister in Christ. Don’t forget that. No matter what colour of skin you are. No matter where you fall on the political line. Christ’s greatest commands are to love God and love each other. If you have love for all people, not just your own, that’s the love He calls us to in loving even our enemies. If they are in Christ, be known by that love you give. If they aren’t then at least pray for them. Although I would encourage you to do more for them so to win them over to Christ.

I’ve seen high ranking politicians, well known celebrities, sought after pundits, political analysts, major influences, news reporters, all use the current chaos to their own gain and agenda. Do not give into the temptation to divide by any line that is not Christ! Black or white, left or right, what we are to focus on is God and Heavenly things! God hates those who sow discord. We disagree? Let it be Peace. We agree? Let it be Love.

And I exhort the Church here. We are failing. We are not known by the love we give. So if we fail to be that Light, what hope is there to follow but in darkness? So many people will never open the four books of the Gospel. There is a fifth that they will open. The testament of you living in the Faith and their encounter with you as an image of Christ. Have you looked across at a brother or sister in Christ, saw Christ in them, and served them as such? Have you looked across at a sinner, and saw yourself in them, when you were still in sin, and gave them the Mercy that Christ gave to you? I have failed. I am guilty. I have not lived up to be worthy to follow Him.

So I encourage all of us, this Pentecost season, to have a renewal of heart, to be transformed that you no longer live as yourself, but as One who has died to Christ and now lives in Him. I challenge us to Step into the breach, step into this great divide of chaos, and be that Love we are to be known by and reflect it upon others who are also made in His image so we should see as the Christ we serve. Al tira, do not fear for we have already died. He has conquered our sin and our death, and we live in Him now and for eternity. Shalom to all.

We Told You We Were Hungry

Jesus said that the poor will always be among us. Therefore, do not let our hearts grow envious or covetous, comparing the wealth of others. Rather, let our hearts grow joyful that the life and glory of Christ can be witnessed in the Spirit of poverty and charity. Where there is poverty, there is charity for us to participate in. And thus, there is always labour to be done in His Name until He comes again in Glory.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

I feel our people are tired, let us take this time to comfort someone.

I feel our people are hungry, let us take the time to feed those in need.

I feel our people thirst for justice, let us flow everlasting water until it is served.

I feel our people are heartbroken, let us cry with and for one another.

I’ve been seeing a Martin Luther King Jr quote blowing through the wind recently. Although usually only in part. Only the part of justifying riots, without the preceding line condemning them.

“I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard.”

So one side must be willing to understand these unheard voices and reach out to them in compassion and Love. And the other side must not lose their goodwill, which is easy to do in a state of forgottenness in a world that doesn’t seem to value your life. We must not overcome evil with evil, but overcome it with good. Forgiveness and empathy is needed on both sides, or else we will devour each other. So allow me to leave you with another Dr. King quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.” God bless everyone.


At the Toronto World Youth Day 2002, Pope John Paul II proclaimed, “Although I have lived through much darkness, under harsh totalitarian regimes,
I have seen enough evidence, to be unshakably convinced
that no difficulty, no fear is so great that it can completely suffocate the hope that springs eternal in the hearts of the young”

The most given command in the Bible is “al tira” (do not fear). How comforting and reassuring. Therefore, let our hope burn on eternally, not to be distinguished by the world. For it is not merely a candle that blows out by the winds of the world. But like a coal where the winds increase the heat of our hearts.

There is one kind of fear, however, which is, encouraged: “yirat Adonai” (fear of God). Often translated more softly as “reverence” or “awe,” yirat Adonai is a distinct mitzvah intended to put all other fears into perspective. For when we fear God alone, all other fear which is not True fades into the invisible nothingness that it is.

So I echo His Word to you again, “Do not fear.” And let your hearts spring eternally, from the well of Christ.

“As long as I have breath within me I shall cry out: Peace, in the Name of God.”

One Accord, One Church, One Christ

Unity in Christ, a togetherness of otherness. Let us transform unto Him and share in His sonship.

“All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.”

This is the type of Love, Christ wishes us to share among our brothers and sisters.

From the days of the early Church we have had many churches through many regions of many cultures that were all One Church of One accord.

When the Churches of the Corinthians,Galatians, Philippians, and so forth fell out of step, Paul lovingly exhorted and corrected them in Truth in the Love that he shared with them as family in Christ Jesus.

Today we have Catholics and Coptics in Egypt. We have Baptists and Methodists in Texas. And so on and so forth.

I desire to encourage you all that this multitude is not of division, but of the vastness and power of God whom is able to maintain sovereignty over so many different kinds of people in so many different kinds of lands to One Gospel in One Christ and reach in with His mighty hand and transform each of these many highly varied and different communities all into One accord.

Those living in certain cultures and communities in China for instance, aren’t able to practice certain aspects of religion in the same way that one can in California for instance. Does this mean that the brother in one area is lesser than the brother in another place? Or that the foot is greater than the leg? Certainly not! All are needed and gifted by the Spirit according to the need to take part in making His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven, to take part in fulfilling not our own, but His Glory.

“So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” So count oneself as the worst sinner and our brother or sister as the greater, not in jealousy, but in a purity to outdo each other in goodness. For in goodness there is no rivalry, but peace and sound mind.

Therefore, brothers and sisters of all denominations, His One universal Church, who are all in His image, let us not quarrel holding knowledge and power over each other as the unbelievers do. For the devil loves to see His image corrupted, and this keeps us apart from our duty of loving thy neighbour, and visiting the orphans and widows in their affliction. So let us instead focus on what unites us, so that we can steadfastly continue the mission we are on this Earth to accomplish.

Let us be known for the Love that we have for one another, and despite disagreements, submit to each other in reverence for Christ. So “That together we may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

How are we to remain the salt of the Earth to preserve the Earth if we lose our salt?

How are we to remain the salt of the Earth and preserve the Earth if we lose our salt?

During his homily for Holy Mass at Santa Marta on Tuesday, 25 February

the Holy Father stated: “to be a lover of the world means enmity with God”. Indeed, “there are no compromises in the Gospel and when someone wants to live in the Gospel while making compromises, they ultimately find themselves with the worldly spirit”.

If you believe in unalienable rights endowed to you by your Creator

Do you only stand for Jesus when it’s convenient for you?

I’m especially grieved for my brothers and sisters in my home of America, I live overseas right now, but I’m still especially panging for you there

because we are the only nation where this fundamental right of being human is acknowledged as coming from our Creator and not the government

Just as the Church in Germany had evil spring up in it so now is with the Church in the United States and once again it’s by the same means, of the slothfulness, of the irreverent, disinterested lazy pantheistic tolerating everything instead of standing firm in the Faith

And I’m guilty too. The Church is guilty. Too long have I remained silent on our Church putting saccharine tolerance over Love.

When we deny the suffering Truth that is required of Love then we deny the ability for Love to truly order and bless our lives.

How much would it suck to go to confession, go to Church, receive Holy communion and die.

Only a little.

Only a happy death. Only enduring to the end by a life worth living, one that is obedient to Christ until the end. Ye of little faith, is it not your greatest desire to die in a state of grace rather than to die a coward in your sin of inaction?

Have you not already died to this world?

He that believes in Christ even though your body dies, will you not die but live eternally with Christ our LORD? Do you believe this?

Are you living as though you are eternal with God or are you still hanging on to this life, still hanging on to the spirit of this world?

If we are still hanging on to our wants, our possessions, our life then how are possibly living His will and not our own?

Who remembers the story of Daniel? How he prayed to God and refused to bow before the Pharaoh even when threatened with death. This world said to abandon God, that the God of Abraham is too dangerous in today’s society. That the Pharaoh and then the Fuhrer Hitler knows what’s best for you.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego gathered together in public to honour God and were saved by their Faith even when the law then was certain death.

In nazi Germany they let our God be perverted into something unrecognizable by our Faith. They let their country become godless. How will our brothers and sisters in the United States, leader of the free world, leader of religious liberty react in a time where the world tells them it’s not safe to practice your Faith in full presence with one another any longer.

Too long have Christians hid our Faith. Too long have we obeyed the spirit of the world instead of obeying God.

How will we rise above?

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “the separation of church and state does not require division between belief and public action, between moral principles and political choices, but protects the right of believers and religious groups to practice their faith and act on their values in public life.”

When the Church is subordinate to the state or when the Church strays from it’s principles it lets in great evil. Twiceover, How are we to remain the salt of the Earth and preserve the Earth if we lose our salt?


Is your religion just something you say you believe or do you live it out with all your heart, all your mind, all your spirit, all your might,? Right before Christ suffered and died for our sins, He held His Last Supper offering His Body and Blood to us for our salvation. Yeshuah our Eternal Saviour says to us continually to this very day, “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

For God’s Word is not merely once and finished dying away like us, but rather once and forever. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Thereforth His apostles continued this command until their end, Paul and all he taught continued this command, and the Church has continued to keep this command up until now.

Are we His Body which He gave to us, or is Holy Eucharist just something we’ll do in His presence whenever we get around to it?

We have a choice to make Church. Are we going to be a Church of faithful living, in obedience enduring until death for Christ our Lord? Or will we be, as Matt Walsh aptly titled his new book, a ‘Church of Cowards?’

Are we “always prepared to make a defense” for our reason of Hope or do we hand our Jesus over to those who hate Him at the nigh time of need. How easy is it to say we believe when we don’t suffer anything for it, much harder to stand for the Faith when there is an actual crisis and something to lose.

When we stare at Truth face to face, will we flippantly cast it aside as did Pontious Pilate retorting, “What is Truth?” – So as to make ourselves a false truth unto ourselves – Or will we submit to Jesus Christ, who is Truth Himself. I beseech you brothers and sisters, may we “endure until the end” and be like Daniel against the lion seeking to destroy us. For the sake of Christ, brothers and sisters, I exhort for us to “contend for the Faith” so that the gates of hell do not prevail against Her. Christ has already done far more for us. So it’s the least we can do for Jesus Christ and His Church. We need the Eucharist more than ever today, and this Earth needs us to be the Church of Light that is not afraid to stand up to darkness. So alas, I ask you thrice now, How are we to remain the salt of the Earth and preserve the Earth if we lose our salt?

The hedonists had something right.Your utmost happiness is critical to life. For your positive energy may flow outward to all those around you causing even greater good. Where they are short-sighted falls within my saying that happiness is fleeting and joy is forever.

We will surely come across both high and low times. So how do we go about both while still holding on to our joy? Truly truly I tell you, God is the greatest joy!!!

Money can in fact buy you happiness. Putting money above all else will leave you craving for more. Sex can give you happiness. Putting that first will leave you numb. Family and friendship even, while supremely great they are can also let you down. If joy of God does not come above all else then any other happiness you receive can leave you depleted and empty.

Joy in God however, will give you hope when none can be seen to the less passionate eye. Joy in God will forever be faithful to you when otherwise you would become lost in despair. Joy in God will give way to your ultimate fulfillment in both sunny times and in dark. Nothing will bring more joy to your life than God!!!

~Infinite Love~💞