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Farewell Obama...

Endowed by our creator...It is up to we the people...Indeed ✊ Anyone who knows me or is familiar with my music, blog, or some of my articles knows how highly critical I have been of @barackobama as I feel it is our civic duty to hold the president accountable. I still have a million questions I'd like to ask him that apparently the media voices were too afraid to ever address him on, but his farewell address was on point, very poignant, and dropped some great gems on how to tackle the next reigning administration. I still do not believe there should be a president in the first place, and the illusion of "democracy" in a country as large as the United States is ridiculous, however I feel good about being able to love Obama as a regular human being again, rather than loving him as an enemy that serves the powers that be. I see his farewell address as a welcoming back to the fight for our future as we prepare for the next king to take the throne of the empire. God bless you for your service Obama, and here's to beheading the next king. ✊ #Obama #Potus #Farewelladdress #farewelladdress2017 #wethepeople #powertothepeople #allpowertothepeople #radical #radicalize #radicalized #GangsterofLove #SpreadLove

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Artists & Image - Vlog 01

As promised, here is a Vlog for y'all. Can't wait to hear your thoughts to build on this dialogue <3

I was really excited to get back talking to you on the blog and finally have something I wanted to Vlog with you, so sorry for the lack of lighting in my room. I'll have to figure something out for that in the future, but for now we rocking it vampire mode!

And yeah, I'm bumping "catchin plays - I mean Kevin Gates" ;-) !

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