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Justice is Blind

Holding scales justice is veiled to blind her sight,
Instead weighing bribes to decide which side is right.
Beef in Third World countries CIA incites the fight,
tie economies to the petrodollar and bind tight.
The sun never sets on the new global elites,
Central banks send in tanks to patrol in the streets.

It's amazing the difference an instance makes
when vision blurs and pistons break,
mirages of shipwrecks on distant lakes.
Earthquakes caused by shifting plates.
Life's a dream differed then whisked away

Return to the Night

Return to the night.
To State street shivering in rain
A crescent moon hovering in the sky like a lonely streetlight.
Coffeehouses with cappuccino adrenaline, buses filled with demented fools
laughing passing out manifestos muttering innuendo.

Is NY Mecca or Babylon?
Is America the shining city on the hill or the belly of the beast?
A sleeping giant wrapped in a catacomb or a weeping lion trapped in a new Rome?
Or maybe, it's all that and more, a mirage in a sand storm, nostalgia in a second hand store
what did we transverse this land for?
As pilgrims or outlaws? Poets or tycoons?

And what of the new frontier?
What ill omens loom in the dawn of the century?
Are we free men or pawns in a penitentiary?
Do we face a precipice or a new day?

Is there joy in this? Is life purely aesthetic or is there a deeper meaning?
Why all the running around late nights, chasing buses / chasing shots, chasing love or lust?
The freeways never stop.
A nation wide artery in which the blood of America flows.
A country restless, moving, moving since Kerouac wrote on the road, since Coltrane blew his first note.

Awaken Us

We are in an age of awakening, more and more of our brothers and sisters are becoming enlightened and the tides are changing. Right now, is the time for each of Us to do our small special, unique part to grow as One. This song is militantly loving. It is an infiltration into the stagnation of the cold modern heart, in order to battle for the unthawing. Until we all grow, no one will; therefore to be enlightened is not to be above anyone, but a constant and persistent journey to shine your light before it burns out. And so then One day we may all see. Let Us All be awakened and stay awoke by steadfastly fighting for Love before our final rest.

Please listen to and share this and let our lights shine until this world is filled with light.

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I'm So Cool - Your Baby Drools


"I'm So Cool, Your Baby Drools"
(Shana's Theme Remix)
My nephew & niece did the choreography :-) <3

This is clearly our opus on being cool...
We all begin in the fetal position, before little colour me big ego tells us what big shots we are "SWAG!"

Probably the most complex song Aurelia and I have done to date...
Big Shoutout to all you Playstation, JRPG, and Legend of the Dragoon fans, you deserve charisma just as much as the next kid...

Heart the innerchild that keeps Us pure and do away with the childish nature that drives Us apart...

Remixed by Aurelia
Re-reremixed by Duals

Directed by Duals
Choreography by Justice & Jayah (my nephew & niece)

Further reading for non-TLDR nerds:
This was a sarcastic and sardonic inside joke between Aurelia and I after discussing hipsterism. Later took that joke and had some fun and made a video with my family.

While the video is titled "I'm So Cool - Your Baby Drools" here, its real title is "Shana's Theme remixing a remix to soon be reremixed another remixed time..."
Which tells far more of the story. I was always in the belief that only hipsters call people hipsters, because it is someone's braggadocio labeling what they deem to be
lame or uncool about a certain group as hipster, because their own lame uncool crap is far superior to the other groups. However, since Aurelia is a self-appointed hipster,
I take on the title by association. Therefore making this song our hipster collaboration, which by non-hipsterism definition makes this the least hipster song in the world.
Unless it is unpopular, which by definition would make it extremely hipster...Unless of course you like it, because then you wouldn't label it hipster. That being of course,
only if you are in fact not a hipster. But if you actually read this far into this non-sensical ramble you are probably, most definitely, having a very high chance of being
a hipster. Although, since being a hipster is now popular that would make you not a hipster. Sort of like how nerd culture was re-appropriated by the "jock guys" and
"stuck-up girls" that made fun of very said culture. Although that may be tangent. See I can say anything here, this is why you shouldn't believe everything you read
and should judge the art for yourself instead of believing what something you read said about the art. Although, reading this may have then caused you to appreciate the art
more making this writing part of the art. It also may have made you hate the art, thus then equally being part of the art. Anyways, enjoy the art...or not.
Either way, you're cool. But no one is that cool. You're just the right amount of cool, so be happy you uncool cool you. We love you for just how uncool you are.
Which makes you pretty dang cool :-) <3

Duals - Honesty Is Mandatory - Album Release & Journal Entry

Greetings Growth Of Culture Faithful!

I present to you for your soul's listening...Honesty Is Mandatory


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And so blessedly with Worldwide distribution via Believe Digital I am so thankful to bring more of you my labour of Love where I wrote, spoke, rapped, sung, arranged, played, mixed, mastered yada yada most details of every track with a little help from my friends <3

Special Thanks to: Julian Crespo (Auditory), Chris Ross (Black Ice), Spencer Hann, Sara Martin, Kiryan Lomako, David Sañosa (Deoxy Moron), Bobby Musgrave, Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Dose One, Greetings From Tuskan, Melanie Safka
Also: Eyedea, Buck 65, Sage Francis, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, NWA, Cage, Public Enemy, Portishead, Jel, RJD2, Boom Bip, Ethan Bollinger (Always love you brother) and all inspirations past and present, yes future too...

Anyway I had been doing a journal entry of the re-release on Facebook and I thought the blog would be a good place to revise it all in one location. I hope you enjoy and I hope you connect with the album. Infinite Love...

Day 1 - Honesty Is Mandatory - Reintroduction Journal
Art Is War...Overriding studios, full DIY bedroom album...Poems enraged in the form of rap, dreaming off the page and into a fractaling multi-dimensional soundscape...

Day 2
Early Morning

Some songs by process, some by catharsis...the opening is of the latter...did a brand new mix of this song with the gifted producer kiRyan, elements were strung around until the sound was adapted to one of sharp incisive lyrics that sing-songily hop back 'n' forth between fun-bounce rapping and aggressive melodic singing...or something...its fun and serious or whatever...

Child Be...Playful when learning Life...

This is now day 3 on the reintroduction of Honesty Is Mandatory...
Life Is A Paradox

After Early Morning, we are still Child, we are warming up in the spring of not the season, the water - medium of God's equilibrium...But do we know how far down that well runs down as we leap up to Life?...Thus we begin to question existence...
'Tis True, Life is far easier before you grow into a face...
We begin to notice contradictions. No. We are naive.
They only seem to be contradictions, but what we have found are paradoxes...


Inspiration...A reinnovation of the awe-inspiring RJD2 track ghostwriter with all my own original elements...Guitar and drums layed and then added a few other elements such as electronic voice sequencing, sampling and appropriating the heavenly voice of Regina Spektor and adding horns and the such...I actually wrote this song back in highschool to the RJD2 song, so I figured hey why not make abstract teenage questions into an anti-pop pop single, right?...

Day 4
Smokin Weed Is Too Sobering

So after we overthink the paradoxes we need to take a breather of ether..ahem, I mean reefer.

Everyone has to let lose every now n then, but uh, we've all got our own ways of lettin lose. So contemplating on the overwhelmingly sobering effects of ‪‎marijuana‬ on my wee human brain. Auditory and I decided to ‪freestyle‬ over the glorious sounds from DoseOne of Anticon ‪‎tribute‬ their 20 years in the game of this here ‪Hip-Hop‬

And so...we let loose...

I present to you Day 5 - Reintroduction to Honesty Is Mandatory

After lettin' loose on Smokin' Weed Is Too Sobering you know what we do? That's right we let loose some more.
For we are young, this is the Birth part of the album afterall.

And so...
Stripped as bare-bone as I can let my self with only the slightest of nuances I give you the simple, 4/4 old school dance song arrangement...As strained as there I was, tongue-in-cheeck sentiments toward my love affair for those frivolous dance tracks...It's good to do the ol' shake-of-the-ass from time to time just for the shake-of-the-ass sake...Just as long as it doesn't send our women hundreds of years in the past...Hey, everyone loves dimples – wrong cheeks, eyes up here you...

In day 6 of Reintroduction to Honesty Is Mandatory
Infinite Faces Of Humanity

We start to lose the wet behind our ears as we begin to set eyes on the dry desert of struggle ahead...

Life is not always as it seems to be and you start to search for questions we never knew we were purposed to search for. The end of our birth, our early years. One third of the circle complete. This third ends lonely, yet simultaneously triumphant.

"And only through this connectedness can we all evolve into this new human...Through Pain And Happiness...
And whatever else emotions we don't know exist that run through our very blood..."

For day 7 of these Honesty Is Mandatory journals I give you a two for One
"Growth" & while doing so "The Aliens Crucified Dumbo"

"Growth" decelerates the album. It is identical to "Birth" but in reverse.
We slow down to see all the mess of our Birth come to an amalgamation by process

A purposeful stamina learned so that we do not stop for we must continue this process.

I wanted to pull a Buck65 and use some awesome sample and never tell where it came from...
"The Aliens Crucified Dumbo"
Thus, to begin growth we learn...Or at the very least, begin to learn what we think we learnt...
And by the way - Jesus, Dumbo, Bobby Musgrave, Aphiah Cey-Jude (Duals) – All Weirdos and I wouldn't want them any other way...

Day 8 - Honesty Is Mandatory
A Dead Soul

Pang hard
PANG ^&#*#&^($)

The Cries...The whispers...Shrilling out every iota of agony 'til all your insides strangle all your emotions into a stifling, suffocating silence...
These are but mere growing pains...

Embrace the textures and let the dark comfort you until spark...Or let them colour you anxious as hell...

Day 9 of Honesty Is Mandatory - Reintroduction
Felt...AKA Baby Cub, her Mother, and the Escape of ("Bear Medicine") and Running

I felt, pun intended...An ending preceding “A Dead Soul”...this is storybook mode with movie effects jumping off the page and into your heart...

Honestly, I've been having quite a laugh at the several different interpretations journalists, reviewers, fans, and friends have had on this song. Not that any of the interpretations are incorrect by any means, nor correct for that matter. But uh... So I'm just going to leave the lyrics here.

Please, feel free to leave your thoughts <3

One day, a baby bear, or cub if you must, was stolen from her mother and kept in captivity...
Many torturous and unconceivable things were done to the cub during this time...But my Nature, let's not go into that shan't we...
And Mother Bear went berserk...she even stopped eating her trout and began eating “stonefish”...
No amount of “bear medicine” could reinvigorate Mother...
By the time they got Baby Cub back to her Mother Bear again, she had already clawed out all of her gutsy wutsies...And their home, will never be the same again...
The formidable “Never”, but here her use is mandatory...
For here lies no longer a mother bear, but the Felt
And the only thing felt, is the panging of Pelt
And Baby Cub Forever Running from Captivity...

Day 10 in the reintroduction of Honesty Is Mandatory excerpts
Defense Mechanism

Life...mind think...circuitry rewires...chemical reaction...neuron transmitters desire...
"Now that I'm in control I can cut my own puppet strings" - Eyedea

Each action being a reaction of a past you...What have you deeply buried...Be you, you've earnt the right...The little things we do just to survive...

If this song is personal to you, keep that shit close and grow from it...

Honesty Is Mandatory - Day 11 of Reintroduction Journal
Even Babies Bleed Adult Tears

Two thirds of the circle complete, but of course circles leads into themselves endlessly.

Can I count the circles?...Actually, no I can' believe though I keep me some baby dreams right by my side...Baby me would have for sure sampled ‪#‎Cage‬ and ‪#‎Portishead‬ two dreams playing side by side while crying bloody murder only in hopes to save the world for the future babies...

Day 12 of Honesty Is Mandatory journal excerpts and lah la lah la lah ANOTHER TWOFER

Oops did I shout; well who's going to wake you to "Death"
eerily lulls you to "A Curse Called Memory"

Fractures into fractals into fractures...Do we survive such tragedy?...

Memories of death, not out of morbidity, but love of life...Circle...

A story that starts from the end
A childhood friend
I saw (his) mother after he hung himself with rope
My first encounter with a real life ghost
Top left corner on top my dresser
thats where my step-father hid his dope
You call them dreams, I call them cope
I don't care which nation of reality you're from
The only one I'm livin in is my imagination
When I was a baby my eyes were a light hazel
By the time I'm dead they'll be black as plague

Day 13 - Honesty Is Mandatory - I heart Cat Power
Good Woman

‪#‎Hiphop‬ by praxis ‪#‎Country‬ by ‪#‎ballad‬
or something...

Souls are genderless...Save that for the birds, err, I mean bodies...Androgynous mind, because strive for the plurality of unity...And loving someone you will never touch bcus that's really living...”Love Will Fuck You Up”...Up...Love...Destruction of dichotomies...Togetherness...Very specific words for a very specific woman...However many of the themes used felt very universal, so in the end it was included...

Honesty Is Mandatory - Day 14 of Reintroduction ‪Journal‬ Entries
Saint Jeanne D'Arc (Saint Joan of Arc)

‪Ignorance, dichotomies, ‎Women‬ suffrage, history‬ too quickly forgotten...obvious themes...

But more importantly, this is an ode to to the modern womon before modern womyn "Saint Jeanne D'Arc"

Let her fearless struggle not be forgotten, but remain a candle of hope for the progression of humanity today.

And Endless Love to Spencer Hann & Sara Martin for your collaborative efforts lent and kind friendship.

Day 15 entry of reintroduction for Honesty Is Mandatory

La la la...piano...dreaming to ‪Greetings‬ From ‪Tuskan‬...So naturally our dreams write themselves as poem...An honest heart breaking open before you...Oops! I only bled all over you out of Love, I promise...Empathy for All – what ‪Eyedea‬ called the poor man's cocaine...Empathy...

Day 16 of Honesty Is Mandatory Reintroduction we bring our circle to a closing Death...
And around and around Life goes again...

“Big Sisters And Stuffed Animals”
My one lie I'm allowed – “I don't remember these childhood memories”...
...Childhood memories fracturing everywhere in all directions until that child is left in worse state than death, then dies...And child born anew...Oh, hello beautiful children of the universe...I am finally awake, so pleasant to meet you...Infinite Love...

The meaning is in the way its sung...Elements broken down all around it, encompassing Truth...Or Honesty...For undeath's sake let's call it Light...I Faith...

Every night I die, Every night I try, Every night I feel I'm the luckiest alive
Every night I die, Every night I strive, Every night I feel I'm the luckiest alive

An illusion of truth is a black hole that never stops growing, it is your soul being consumed and therefore your mind blind to its game of death...The only feeling of death for the living is resisting what is inside...Truth is an incessant bone projected before you on to everything...For everything outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you...

17 The Last Day
...From the Afterlife?...

Did you bear with? Did you dig deep to find that ugliness inside? We call it Honesty. To grow it Is Mandatory. The Truth is the Truth no matter how brutal, no matter how great. The Truth is the Truth, whether if you can see it or you can't...In the End, there is no refusing the Truth, because the Truth is Supreme. We Are Flux & Truth Is Constant...

This album started as a stand to quit running...A final scream to end the pain we've all endured, and a plea for social change...Towards the end it became a poem of love and eternity, an ultimate thanking to God...Thank you, to God, to Cat Power, to music, to my family and friends, and all the powers that be that helped save me...The only end in sight I saw was Death...Now I see the Eternal...I was Lost, but now I'm Found...I was blind, but now I See...God Is Love...Truth is Light...With every tide change there is a push back...But One day the water will cover every inch and the land will be cleansed again...Revolution bound by Evolution will Born US Anew...

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed make sure you really share some time with this album and so I wish, so you can really heart it hard. Also, don't forget to subscribe on the main website where we are giving you loyal supporters 10 Free Songs from different artists on Growth Of Culture. #SpreadLove


I'd like to open this new poetry section of the blog up with this poem I wrote back when I was traveling in Costa Rica. I hope it hearts with you in some way and you can grow from it in your own way in how it speaks to you...I have grown in flux since I wrote it myself, but the words still have their bit of truth that hopefully One can take away from -

With Love - Religion

My religion is Not having a religion
My religion is Love
My religion is Yeah cool, do you dude
My religion is Nothingness
My religion is Rebellion
My religion is Surrender
My religion is Flow with the river's flux
My religion is Destruction
My religion is Christ
My religion is Creation
My religion is War
My religion is Art
My religion is Revolution bound by evolution
My religion is Never surrender
My religion is Fate
My religion is Free will
My religion is Free