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The Colour Orange

When I was young I used to hate the colour yellow, but over the years I have came to appreciate it. But I had promised I would never give up my grudge against orange...However, the last couple of days this orange monarch butterfly has been following me everywhere I go. Bewilderingly, God is teaching me how to even love the colour orange - warmmmmmmmmmmm fuzzzzzziesssss tingling all around my outrashell ^_^.............

Sinking Ships

Where art thou captains with thy honor to go down with sinking ship these days?...Do they not see there are no more escape rafts and fleeing is futile when we now only produce clones of the Titanic?...

P.s. Insert amalgamation of Trump and GMO joke here ________

Do Not Be Silenced

I was just speaking with a lady who said she doesn't care that Trump signed to move forward on the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines despite the fact it can lead to so many people without a source of water. She said, "I don't care if they don't have water, that doesn't effect me. Cuts have to be made somewhere."

This is the type of blind greed and selfishness that is tearing our country apart. No, we should NOT "sit back and watch what he does." Trump and his administration is already on the offensive in attacking human rights and we need to be aware, dilligent, and continue to not be silenced and speak up for what you believe ✊

Farewell Obama...

Endowed by our creator...It is up to we the people...Indeed ✊ Anyone who knows me or is familiar with my music, blog, or some of my articles knows how highly critical I have been of @barackobama as I feel it is our civic duty to hold the president accountable. I still have a million questions I'd like to ask him that apparently the media voices were too afraid to ever address him on, but his farewell address was on point, very poignant, and dropped some great gems on how to tackle the next reigning administration. I still do not believe there should be a president in the first place, and the illusion of "democracy" in a country as large as the United States is ridiculous, however I feel good about being able to love Obama as a regular human being again, rather than loving him as an enemy that serves the powers that be. I see his farewell address as a welcoming back to the fight for our future as we prepare for the next king to take the throne of the empire. God bless you for your service Obama, and here's to beheading the next king. ✊ #Obama #Potus #Farewelladdress #farewelladdress2017 #wethepeople #powertothepeople #allpowertothepeople #radical #radicalize #radicalized #GangsterofLove #SpreadLove

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Somebody needs to tell Kaye West there is no middle ground when dealing with the Klan. They normalized Mussolini when he came out through the utilization of propaganda, yellow journalism, and fake news. Mussolini and Hitler didn't rise through some sudden wave, but by the normalization of fascism.
#ThisIsNotNormal #PrayForUs

11/25/2016 Castro Is Dead...But His Ideas Live On...

“With what morality can the [US] leaders talk of human rights in a country where there are millionaires and beggars, where blacks face discrimination, women are prostituted, and great masses of Chicanos, Puerto Ricans and Latin Americans are deprecated, exploited and humiliated?” 1978, speech delivered to the World Communist Youth Conference. - Fidel Castro

2016 and not much has changed...Now we're even about to have an orange mantle piece center of the pedestal to accentuate the ugliness. Trump as president brings things to light which have always been here; the dark truth of America that noone wants to talk about or admit exists. Racism, sexism, and xenophobia has never went away. Now people have to face the problems here head on. It's been time overdue to take action on the hatefulness and injustice that exists in America which Trump spewed as a pseudo-populist agenda to get elected. Soldier up, the truth is coming straight to your face 2017.

Welcome To The Internet

Where you can find confirmation bias no matter how stupid or crazy your idea for rationalization is - Trump never lies like 'Crooked Hillary,' Obama is a Muslim, being a Muslim means you're a terrorist, Bush is the sole reason for 9/11, being 'at your worst' is not a reason to try to improve yourself people should just 'accept you at it,' pseudo-science is truth as long as it's on a meme, happy quotes are the new love, Global Warming is crazy liberal propaganda, organic foods don't use pesticides, Harambe is STILL more important than any Black human life, Christianity is a far right ideology, viral is validity...

Child-Eyes On Sex

Honest question fellas (and vice versa to the ladies): When you were a young lad, (before you got a few notches on your belt, or told by your homies or the world you need to be a pimp, or before you were screwed over by a significant other), did you view sex as a handshake or routine as any other act to express yourself, or did you dream of finding your princess to make your Queen One day to grow closer and closer until the day you die? Like thinking back to young child-eyes you?

I Am Not My Sex.

"Are you gay?" or "Are you bisexual?" are trivial questions that need not be asked. For what differentiation need be made between gay and straight other then to create a false line of divide in our minds.

I am a human being, and that should be the only qualifier to interact with what should be common politeness and human decency to our fellow man (spelt human).

Love what what makes Us different; hate what divides Us. ∞ <3

Doing Nothing Changes Nothing

Hey y'all, sorry for the infrequency of the blogs. It's because this comes secondary to the music and films and everything I've been doing. But I just wanted to share this quick blurb if you so will from a discussion I had on facebook and I felt compelled to feel this expression here as well. I may expand more on the subject of "Doing Nothing Changes Nothing" later.

Doing nothing changes nothing. Black lives have been stereotyped, marginalized, disregarded, unheard, and murdered from the inception of this country. Horror stories beyond your imagination have been passed down in black families that plagues our society to this day. We have so long to go. And when the fight we are fighting for has the invaluable cost of human life, there is nothing that is 'pointless.' We have to take the annoyances, bruises, and faults with the good, because the cost is too high and we are too far in to fall back now. ✊

Black Is The Essence pt 2

Even our mere existing makes them feel our presence!
So Stay Proud! Black Is Beautiful!
#BlackLivesMatter because we face it everyday. This ain't makeup, and we don't need to make up any sorry excuse to you for the fact you can't really look into our eyes to face all the hate you cast down at Us just for the fact our skin is naturally bronzed, oh yes that sexy smooth Afrikaans cocoa butter, so shining stupendously robust black.
Black Black Black
Yeaaa I don't give a fuck, say it agggaaainnn uhhnnn
Because above that, all above, beyond all doubts you keep throwin that hate
But it's nothing our strong backs can't shoulder, we keep getting stronger because we just throw it right back at you with Love
That's why Maya Angelou saw that "...You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise"
And it was written, see we are stiched.
To every fabric of blood, that connects Us
Written into OUR existence of every drop of blood of every human being, from the time that is present, and until any time there Can Ever Be
Black Is The Essence!
From the roots from which we all came, from Our motherland was the birth of all human beings
Black Is The Essence!
Black Is Everything! Black Is Pure! Black Is Gold! Black Is Power!
Black Is Forever!
Black Is Everything!
And We Will Forever Grow ✊