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Commission To Re-elect Nixon

Donald Trump, Richard Nixon (Credit: AP/Carlos Osorio/Photo montage by Salon)

Has this been the commission to re-elect Nixon? Is this a nostalgia for an America that is impossible to go back to? Has the populist movement been reduced to demagogic abject hate?

Let's get to the bottom line here, the real reason of what Trump's victory is symptomatic of is the fatigue and resentment against the establishment. But at what cost? Many are fearful that this election brought way to throw away marginalized people in our society. Let us acknowledge that not all Trump supporters are racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic. However, to have voted and supported him it is that very rhetoric that you have tolerated. And that is fear, not Love. You have been marginalized, disregarded by the establishment, and your values and wishes have been ignored and unheard for a long time. That does not make it acceptable to disregard others because of your fears. Tolerance and fear give way to let evil triumph. You are more; do not simply tolerate; Love.

On the other side of the coin, you have Hillary Clinton who was the exact representation of that establishment that people have grown to resent. She is part of the two-headed beast feeding into it's own demise. You have a populace that is tired of being told what to do so they spoke and wished for Bernie Sanders, values and character that spoke to them, but the DNC didn't care. They continued to ignore the people and forced Clinton down their throat. Are they stupid? You are going to put a conservative as the candidate for the Democratic party? Most Democrats can't stand Republicans. This my side is better than your side politics is part of the problem. We could have gave third parties a fighting chance and banded together, but instead you supported Trump? Furthermore, the mainstream media placing value on titillation and pay for network ratings over substance and accountability. Jill Stein ran the only campaign that wasn't poisoned by corporate money, lobbyists or superpacks and yet the media just pushed her aside as a dreamer and gave her almost no coverage. We need dreamers. I've read from 40 to upward of 60% of the country now identifies as independent. Don't believe the media, we have the power. People are fed up with this false line of divide of the one-party system.

Donald Trump may be an "outsider", but not any more so than a Ross Perot or a Pat Buchanan. He has always been a part of the establishment. But in his narrative constructed to the American people he is the outsider who fought against the establishment for them. In actuality what is even sadder than Trump being president, is that things would be little different if Clinton were elected. Everything in our society, even the presidency has been reduced down to a brand. Barack Obama was the poster-boy for “change” and “hope” but his polices were moderately conservative at best and when those sold on hope become hopeless the retaliation is never pretty. But what do Obama's shortcomings have to do with our own? Why feed into that polluted way of thinking? Trump is simply stealing truths (the system is rigged) and using double-talk to re-apply them to his own agenda. If you thought you were voting against the establishment and voted for Trump, you were lied to. Mark my words, you will soon find out that Trump's support for you is just as empty as your plight to “make America great again”. If you want to stand for something, stand by a man's character, not sloganeering in bumper stickers.

I feel such sympathy for my generation and the children after us. The younger people of this country are so much more enlightened and concerned for social justice than they are given credit for. They are so beyond stupid concepts of race and prejudice, yet they do not live in a society that values that. Thank God for the teachers who still have a truly inspired passion to teach and be a beacon of light for the youth. Young people can't transcend the system, but they can change it if they know what it is in the first place. Know this, we are not in an age that is past racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. We are a disconnected nation. Our country is consumed by bigotry and fear. Fear not, for we can be the change we want to see.

A Silver-lining here is now both major parties have to do a serious self-check and soul searching. This forces them to make a shift toward actually having to stop sitting on their hands and do something for the people. Congress needs to quit standing idly by to keep the status quo. 'The Times Are A Changin.' This also widens the door to allow third parties more of a stake in the consciousness of the mainstream. Let me say this, if you want your vote to count, vote third party. The time to fight for Love is now. Change will come from the people. No government can govern me. I'm a free man, and so are you, if you choose to be. Still, “the revolution will not be televised,” it will be recorded on some kids' smartphone. Just make sure the cops' bodycam is on when he smashes the evidence...

In life many bad things will come your way, but we will never give up. Only by continuing to fight with every ounce of strength we have in us, by tooth and nail, will we make things better. The only way that we can lose is when we give up! Together we will see this through and emerge stronger and more united. No president can save you. Don't put faith in a president; put faith in yourselves and in each other. We will always overcome, because Love has already won.

Don't fear. Just Love.



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