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Do Not Be Silenced

I was just speaking with a lady who said she doesn't care that Trump signed to move forward on the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines despite the fact it can lead to so many people without a source of water. She said, "I don't care if they don't have water, that doesn't effect me. Cuts have to be made somewhere."

This is the type of blind greed and selfishness that is tearing our country apart. No, we should NOT "sit back and watch what he does." Trump and his administration is already on the offensive in attacking human rights and we need to be aware, dilligent, and continue to not be silenced and speak up for what you believe ✊

My New Daily Prayer

Art saved my life. I've also ruined my life for art. Drugs saved my life. I've also ruined my life for drugs. Women have saved my life. I've also ruined my life for women. The countless times I've fell, I've always managed to fall upwards, by His grace...And I'm only a slave to that which I allow myself to be a slave to, be it the things I love or the things that hate me. But despite my contradiction of clinging to chains, I ultimately only want to grow to a flux of freedom; and to surround my life with factors that are fresh to me...Inundatingly, so.

So if you don't want this for me, stay the fuck out my life. I feel that's best for both parties. Bad fruit only hinders the plentiful growth of good fruit. I wish you only the best on your path.

If you do wish this growth for me, then I pray it unto you as well. And let us help each other to achieve this together so that our growth is tenfold for both of our seeds. And let Us please keep one another close, if maynot in body, then in spirit, in mind, and in heart. This is now my daily prayer.

You're More Powerful Than You Think

I had to share this very poignant post by artist Ceschi Ramos:

Every time you see a protest and it bothers your comfort or disrupts your day...remember...people complained when they saw Martin Luther King protesting too. People sitting on couches in their homes probably said things like,
"Look at those dumb people getting hosed by police. It's making a mess of the city. What will that accomplish?!"
"Look at those idiots breaking the law by sitting in white-only restaurants…that law will never change."
True change never ends in a voting booth.
True change doesn't come from accepting standards as "the way things are" and shrugging your shoulders when they don't work out your way.
We can all agree that there is plenty to be angry about in this country and world.
I don't know anyone who is just satisfied with everything staying exactly the same.
The biggest changes in history have only come come when united groups of people have directly opposed governments / leaders / laws that they felt were unjust.
Right now we could still be living in a country with public lynchings, Witch burnings, alcohol bans & buffets of dog meat (still legal in 44 states).
Luckily….people in the past cared enough to speak up about the unjust nature of (most of) those ways of thinking.
If you don't feel represented by your government…go out & make yourself heard…take back those bits of power & defend your friends.
Even if I may disagree with you or your actions - go ahead and speak your mind publicly. I may be right behind you - yelling at you. It's one of the privileges of living in this country.
Conservatives are mostly correct when they say "stop crying about it"….so wipe your tears, punch a racist in the face & then pick him up and read "A People's History of The United States" to him. You're more powerful than you think.

Farewell Obama...

Endowed by our creator...It is up to we the people...Indeed ✊ Anyone who knows me or is familiar with my music, blog, or some of my articles knows how highly critical I have been of @barackobama as I feel it is our civic duty to hold the president accountable. I still have a million questions I'd like to ask him that apparently the media voices were too afraid to ever address him on, but his farewell address was on point, very poignant, and dropped some great gems on how to tackle the next reigning administration. I still do not believe there should be a president in the first place, and the illusion of "democracy" in a country as large as the United States is ridiculous, however I feel good about being able to love Obama as a regular human being again, rather than loving him as an enemy that serves the powers that be. I see his farewell address as a welcoming back to the fight for our future as we prepare for the next king to take the throne of the empire. God bless you for your service Obama, and here's to beheading the next king. ✊ #Obama #Potus #Farewelladdress #farewelladdress2017 #wethepeople #powertothepeople #allpowertothepeople #radical #radicalize #radicalized #GangsterofLove #SpreadLove

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